Phillip Yap

Phillip Yap is the designer of Expocasa’s “TangTang” neo Shanghai-style furniture brand. Design is to be different. Design knows no boundaries. Design must have a clear positioning. Design is destined to manifest beauty rather than intended distortions. A good design is inclusive for multiple concepts and styles, and the attitude of a good designer should be open and flexible. In this way, designers can enjoy the process of designing; consumers have more options available for self-expression; and industry practitioners can select products with more freedom and ease without risking to be embarrassed with the same offerings. Design is not only about visual pleasure, or merely to satisfy a certain need with a function; design is a social and artificial expression of heart and spirit that promises hope with openness.

GOODO Design Studio

GOODO Design Studio is the design team of Expocasa’s “Now & Future Jinzhi” brand. Founded in 2009, the studio is dedicated to building a professional team that provides product designs and furniture designs. They have been constantly improving designs and innovating concepts for household products that are rich in the sense of design, pleasing in the sense of worth, while being fashionable and intelligent. The studio provides professional and quality services that meet the needs of business projects to achieve the mass production of original designs. Hesu Dong and Marc Lee firmly believe that “Design derives from life; Design tells the story of its own age; Design is democratic and belongs to everyone.”

Tim Wang

Tim Wang is one of the founders of the “Fabio Style” original furniture brand. Wang graduated from Nanjing Forestry University with a degree in Interior Decoration and Furniture Design. He then attended the training seminar of Furniture Design at the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, and later had a study tour in Europe before becoming a registered interior designer. With work experience at Shanghai IADC, his works have won the first Golden Axe award and an Outstanding Award of the Furniture Design Group of the competition. Wang then took a position at Shanghai Expocasa and established Ido Design. He and Fabrizio Carloncelli jointly accomplished multiple projects of real estate design.