Beautiful scenery of Mu mountain in Chengdu

The beautiful scenery of Mu mountain in Chengdu inherits the British life taste in the 19th century, originates from the mountain villa of Great Britain, inherits the glory and brilliance of the Victorian era, inherits Shakespeare's humanism, and is the a

Chengdu Armani art apartment

Expocasa Tangtang Hall's sunset flying sofa, Magnolia leisure chair, iris leisure chair and lotus pond moon marble tea table are honored to invite the art club on the first floor of Armani art apartment in Chengdu to become the spokesperson of life taste.

Chengdu orchid grass international home

Founded in 1989, Chengdu distributor orchid grass international home furnishing Co., Ltd. has become a famous brand in China's home furnishing industry and a well-known soft decoration enterprise in China. The company's brands and products, such as intern